Tek-2-og (85K)The International Ferret Newsletter has been published since 1994.We hope our information has helped ferrets worldwide.

We are sorry publishing the International Ferret Newsletter four times a year on paper ended in 2005. Nevertheless, we will gather ferret-news during a year which will be published in our Webpage or in a following newsletter. Its contents are mainly made up from articles and letters sent in by veterinarian surgeons, ferret associations, people who're doing good for ferrets and members all over the world.
Because most medical needs of the ferret are still relatively unknown, veterinarians all over the world have the possibility to communicate with each other in this newsletter.
Ferret clubs can also contact one another through this International Ferret Newsletter and all people interested can also send information about this lovable pet. We will publish useful information and therefore articles and/or drawings about the ferret are always welcome.
In every country someone knows something new and in this newsletter it's possible to share knowledge that hopefully will lead to a better life for ferrets.
Many questions still exist about ferrets and their needs, and we hope to be able to answer some of these in the International Ferret Newsletter. So please send your information for publication in the International Ferret Newsletter and become a member.
We hope that the International Ferret Newsletter can do a lot of good work for ferrets all over the world. Therefor your help is necessary if we are to keep people informed on the welfare of the ferret.
All information or drawings etc. are welcome and can be sent to the following addresses:

Sabine van Voorn
Dorpsstraat 35
9699 PB Vriescheloo
The Netherlands  orIssn (3K)

Pat Wright
PO Box 1480La Mesa
California, 91944


Anne de Vries
Dorpsstraat 35
9699 PB Vriescheloo
The Netherlands 

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